Frans Photobooth Services

4 Main Services Available

1. Studio Booth

1. A Real Photographer with a Mobile Studio

A real Photographer sets up a Mobile Studio at your Wedding or Event.   Photos are transmitted directly to the computer and printer for printing.  Also, a large screen displays the photos to your guests as part of the Visual Entertainment of the event.

You can choose to have this as one of the following:
   * Fun Booth Service
   * Greenscreen Service
   * Black and White Vintage Service
   * Portrait Service
   * Roving Photographer Service
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2. Automatic Booths

2. Automatic Live View Booths

The Automatic Booths are where the Guests trigger the Booth to start to take photos automatically.   These booths can be open, to allow for larger groups,  or enclosed like a Passport Machine in a Shopping Centre.
Guests can see themselves on the screen and adjust their pose.  These are a great hit at a party night and for smaller non formal venues.
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3. Keyrings and Fridge Magnets

3. Custom Keyring and Fridge Magnets

We can take nice portraits for your guests and make Keyrings or Fridge Magnets ready for collection at your event.   We can use the venue as a backdrop, a custom setup or a screen background.   Fro example, around Christmas we usually use a Christmas Tree as our main prop or background.
Your guests can also get a 6"x4" print of their photos,  the digital images and their Keyring or Fridge Magnet gift.

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4. Smartphone Printing System

4. Smartphone Printing System

Guests are your event will all have a Smartphone Device.  They spend their time taking photos of your event.  Now they can upload their photos to a printing service.   Their photo will be seen by all the guests on a large Slideshow and printed out for collection in a custom template specific to your wedding or event.
We can also make an album of all the images,  and give you all the digital images uploaded but your guests.  
Now you have an extra 100 photographers at your Wedding or Event.
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Backgrounds and More Ideas

Using Backgrounds will make your event photos more professional and glamours.  
You can use your venue or part of your venue as a backdrop
You can also setup one on our backgrounds as part of a Studio or Booth