360 Degree Video Slow Motion Booth

Professional Editing and Music

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360 Spinner Video Booth

The 360 Degree Video Booth is a New Idea for your event.   
Your Guests will have a fun experience
Guests will get their edited video instantly

Example of Spinner at a Trade Show

Description from Manufacturer

Example of Spinner with Dramatic Lighting

Example of Spinner at Trade Show


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360 Degree Video Slow Motion Booth 1
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360 Degree Video Slow Motion Booth 2

Printing Station

This is where the photos are transferred by Wi-Fi from the camera,  printed and placed in the Memory Album.

You can also see the large 55" viewing display.

Custom Overlay

This is an example of a custom overlay that is printed on every photography.

It can have a custom greeting and message,  and the date.


Here are some examples of the different backgrounds 

Most popular is the lightbox-white backgroundand the flowerwall