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We travel Ireland...

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Class Photo of the Month

This was a Photographer at a recent wedding. 

He and his assistant posed in the Studio Booth.

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Photobooth Studio

A Photograher Booth is a Photographer with a mobile-studio or a roving photographer mixing with your guests.

Photos are instantly available to view on large screens.

Album, Props and Travel and insurance are all included in prices.

You can also bundle services together to add to your entertainment.

Photobooth Studio


Guests have fun selecting their props from the props table. They can have funny and normal photos. There are generally Hats, Wigs, Glasses and a variety of signs with funny messages.

Photobooth Studio


Guests can view their photos instantly on display screens. While they are waiting for their photos, they can take a selfie photo from the screen. Photos are given to guests in clear protective bags.

Photobooth Studio

Printing & Album

A copy of each photo is placed in the album and the guests write a message.

And each Guest gets a photo so nobody complains that they did not get a photo

Photobooth Studio

Open Studio Sequin

Here we are using a Pinkish or Blush Pink Sequin Backdrop.   Again nice to Parties and to give your photos something different.

Photobooth Studio

Open Studio

Here is an example of the Hotel Artwork used as a background.   The light is to the right and the printing table are to the right also

Photobooth Studio

Hotel Locations

For some events you can use elements of the hotel as a Backdrop.  This was part of a Gatsby night and we used a sign in the hotel function room for many photos

And other photos were taken against a backdrop or in other parts of the room.

Photobooth Studio

Open Studio Greenscreen

Here you can see that the Greenscreen Background is 4m wide and is good for large groups

This is good for themed events or Corporate Assignments

Photobooth Studio

Open Studio Night Scene

In the case we used the Night Scene backdrop.   Just to note these can be used for the photographer booth and the Open Automatic Booths as well

Photobooth Studio

Open Studio Killarney

In this Hotel in Killarney we used a Flower Wall that was in the Hotel Lobby.   It worked out very well on the night

I will have two flower walls from October 2019 which can also be rented out for the drinks reception for guest selfies

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Printing Station

This is where the photos are transferred by Wi-Fi from the camera,  printed and placed in the Memory Album.

You can also see the large 55″ viewing display.

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Custom Overlay

This is an example of a custom overlay that is printed on every photography.

It can have a custom greeting and message,  and the date.

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Here are some examples of the different backgrounds 

Most popular is the lightbox-white backgroundand the flowerwall

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