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Corporate Services

Corporate Services can vary to mean many things. In my experience, it can refer to Office Parties in Offices, Family Days in Offices, to providing Photography services at off-site events.

There are also promotion events in Shopping Centres with either automatic or real photographer services, printing branded photos, or publishing to WhatsApp, Facebook or other Social Outlet.

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Corporate 3
Corporate 4

Printing Station

This is where the photos are transferred by Wi-Fi from the camera,  printed and placed in the Memory Album.

You can also see the large 55″ viewing display.

Corporate 5

Custom Overlay

This is an example of a custom overlay that is printed on every photography.

It can have a custom greeting and message,  and the date.

Corporate 6


Here are some examples of the different backgrounds 

Most popular is the lightbox-white backgroundand the flowerwall

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