Evening Guest Photography

Perfect Photos of your guests Printed Instantly

Full Mobile Studio with Professional Lighting

Depending on the venue and size of event, we can set up
our mobile studio in a nice part of the room or venue and capture portrait quality of your guests and print copies for them to take home

Photographer Studio

Simple Studio Setup

We can set up a simple studio to capture your guest’s photos.

The best way to create a simple production line, where there is an obvious queue and in that way, we can get through as many guests as possible.

We can discuss the background and follow this link to see more background options

Red Velvet

The Venue as a Backdrop

Some Venues offer the opportunity to act as a great backdrop

In this case, we were using the stage lighting as the background. We were lucky as the lighting kept changing so every photo was slightly different

We also printed the photos for the guests at the printing station

Aoife1 | Evening Guest Photography | Frans Photo Booth Services Ireland


Sometimes you will get a wedding that is during the summer or near a great natural backdrop, where you can get some great shots of guests with a natural backdrop or a building for example. The skill is how you light it. Once you get the lighting right you can create some unique images that you guests will treasure forever.

Creative Friends at a Wedding Party

Creative Guests

Full Studio with Backgroud

Outdoor Event with Instat Printing