Flower Wall and Backgrounds

Update on the Flowerwalls

As of April 2020 I will have a new set of Flowerwall Backgrounds.

I really wanted to get a Wide Wall as most of my work is with groups and I needed the Flowerwall to be big enough got a large group.

They are 10 foot wide so that is good for a group of 20 People. I can set it up fairly quickly. 

I am making them in the same way Stage Backgrounds are made,  so they will be easy to install and move and take down.  

I will be able to configure them as a 20 Foot wide Wall,  or two 10 foot walls or smaller.

I will be able to mix the flower types to make a mixed background.

More information to follow

Flower Walls 1

10 Foot Wide Flower Walls

I have two 10 Foot Wide Flower Walls.   They can be used for the Various Photobooths.   You can also rent them for your drinks reception as a guest selfie station.

We travel Ireland...

Flower Walls 2

Flower Walls 3
Flower Walls 4

White Lightbox Background

Flower Walls 5

Grey Stretched Background

Flower Walls 6

Black and White

Flower Walls 7

Greenscreen Background

Flower Walls 8

Blue Stretched Background

Flower Walls 9

Red Velvet

Flower Walls 14

Printing Station

This is where the photos are transferred by Wi-Fi from the camera,  printed and placed in the Memory Album.

You can also see the large 55″ viewing display.

Flower Walls 15

Custom Overlay

This is an example of a custom overlay that is printed on every photography.

It can have a custom greeting and message,  and the date.

Flower Walls 16


Here are some examples of the different backgrounds 

Most popular is the lightbox-white backgroundand the flowerwall

Flower Walls 20