Can I have the Studio Booth in the Function Room

Yes,  but you need to know that you will have space.    Also, if the room needs to be cleared after your meal it will take longer to set the studio up.

Ideally I should be able to set the studio up during your meal so we are ready to start when the meal is over.  And provide entertainment to your guests in the period before the first dance.   That can be 2 hours at some weddings.

Also,  you need to talk to your wedding planner to make sure that there are no conflicts with their later food service plans.  That has happened to me where there was empty space,  but it was also required for the evening food service.

Do you charge for travel

Travel is included in the cost you will be quoted.  Generally it is one cost for the Island of Ireland.    That travel charge is based on the assumption that there is no requirement to attend the venue early in order to setup, for example, have everything setup before the meal starts.   That will be clarified at the booking stage and should be an question that you ask.

Do you do Greenscreen Photography?

Yes,   this is good for Birthday parties and other corporate events.  If you have a there,  we can put together backgrounds that reflect your theme.

How many photos will you print in a night

It depends on each event.   On an average night it will be somewhere between 300 to 400 photos if you include an album.

If a couple are having a photo,  then the couple will get one photo and the second print will be placed into the album.

If there are a group of 4 single people,  then 5 will be printed,  one for each person and the 5th goes into the album

Do you work in Northern Ireland

Yes,    the expectation is that with Brexit there will be no issues in working on both jurisdictions.   

When working in Northern Ireland all Quotes are in Euro.

Do you photograph weddings

Yes,  check our www.fran.ie which is my wedding site.   People ask me will I do a photobooth and a wedding.   What I do is supply the Selife Wizard and it leaves me to focus on the wedding photography.

What type of props do you have?

I use a mixture of Signs, Hats, Hand Props, Picture Frames, Glasses and some cuddly toys.   

You can supplement that with your own props,  for example,  the hand held glasses and mustaches.

Just remember that you want to get as many people through the booth in the time allocated so the less time spent on props is better. 

Also at more formal events, ladies will have their hair styled, so that last thing they want is a hat. 

They tend to go for hand held props.

Do you have different backgrounds?

Yes,   I have posted some of the different backgrounds here.  Follow the link.   In some hotels I have used a large painting or part of the hotel as the background.   It can be better to use the hotel and it also placed your photos in a particular place which is a great memory to give your guests.

How do you give me the Digital Images?

I used to give a USB key with all the photos,  but unfortunatly many were lost or got damaged.  So the safest way is to use a dropbox.  I will place a ZIP folder into a dropbox type folder and leave it there for 3 or 4 years.   You can download it onto your computer,  and if you wish you can share the same link with your guests.  Also,  if you computer is lost or damaged, you can go back to the folder and retrieve your photos.

What times do you operate

Most parties and weddings the times are 9pm to 9.30pm to 12am or 12.30am.   

Anything after 12.30am is counter productive as people are a little tired, sleepy and maybe bleary eyed, so you are not getting value for money.

You can ask for extra time,  but I have priced it at  €45 for 30 mins as to be honest 30 mins will do it if there is a last min rush.   You will find that an hour will be too much.

Are there any Hotels or Venues that you will not work at

I will work at all venues. Having said that some venues are quite difficult to access. In some cases there are no service lifts, and some venues do have a lot of steps, for example, basement venues in DUblin and Sports Clubs around the country. If there is a known issue with a venue I will highlight it and work to put a access plan in place

What type of camera do you use

For most event work where instant printing is required I use a 5D Mk2 or 4 with a dedicated Wi Fi connection to my printing station. 

They are full frame cameras which produce high quality images. 

I use Canon L Lens which are the best in the business

Do you work in Central Dublin

Yes,  but parking restrictions and traffic issues at certain times will require extra time for setups.   An extra charge may apply within the canals in Dublin City

We are having a Family Reunion

If you are having an event in a Hotel with over 100 people,  I can attent and set up a studio and sell photos on the night.

I can Print 10″x8″ , 6″x8″ and 6″x4″ Photos onsite.   Anything larger needs to be sent to the lab.

You can also as for the Roving Photographer service if you want a prepay service

WIll you travel to Islands

Yes, I have covered events with the photobooth studio on the Aran Islands, Clare Island and Inisbiggle Island.

Its can be done,  but there would be a charge for the Ferry and a B&B.

Can we order two photobooths for the same event

Yes, for larger events, for example a wedding or party with 600 people,  you can have two 4 hour booths.

For example the Automatic booth and the Roving Photographer or Photo Studio at the same event.

We can also add in the Selfie Wizard so you have three photo printing stations are your event.

Can you sell photos onsite at an event


Can you work Split Times

Occasionally people ask for a few hours before a meal and more time after a meal.

This can be done but there will be a charge for the idle time