Keyrings and Fridge Magnets

1. Free to Guest Packages from €425

2. Selling on-site Packages also Available


1. Look at the main page for the best Price Guidance https://fransphotobooth.com/

2. We can sell onsite,  but do require basic overhead costs to be covered,  then we can sell at a considerable discount

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Keyrings and Magnets

Keyring’s and Fridge Magnets are a great gift to give your guests at a party or event. We can take photos in a studio setting or out and about at a venue.


For weddings I would normally take the photos at the hotel as the guests arrive. I would then assemble the key-rings and fridge magnets during the meal, and they would be ready for collection after your meal.


Again, we can take the photos in a mobile studio setting or out and about at the venue.   At some parties we can sell keyrings as an add-on to another service.  For example,  book a photobooth and we can also supply keyrings or fridge magnets for sale.

Charity Events or Festivals

We can sell keyrings and fridge magnets in conjunction with other services.   For charity events please make contact with more information about your event.


You can bundle the Keyring Service with a Photobooth Service.   I can add on an open photobooth with props for 3 hours.  Just ask for more information.

Some Keyring and Fridge Magnet Bundles

Every event is different so it is difficult to price for each event.   I have put together some example packages below.

Also if your event is a couples event,  then one Fridge Magnet will be enough for a couple,  but the same couple would want 2 Keyrings.

If you are having a large wedding then maybe the Fridge Magnets are a better idea.

Special Offers for 2018 and 2019

Ask if you want mixed bundles or Photobooth Bundles

All Keyring and Fridge Magnet Packages include the following:

  • Photos taken at the hotel at the drink recpetion before your meal
  • Generally I will get most guests when they are relaxed in the hotel rather than outside the church
  • I can use nice parts of the hotel to get good portraits and photos, both inside and outside depending on the weather
  • I have a Pop Up Sign to explain what I am doing
  • During your meal I make the keyrings or magnets and leave the out for collection.  It works well as people are interested and keep checking,  is my keyring ready yet…..
  • After the meal I can catch up on the guests who did not get photos
  • I am finished before your band starts and you guest can enjoy the dancing
  • I will leave you all the digital files for more copies and enlargements on a USB
  • If I go over the allowance for both I can sell them for €2 each

Which is better, Keyrings or Fridge Magnets?

  • You can make the decision based on what you would like to give your guests.
  • Generally with keyrings, every guest would like a keyring.
  • But with Fridge Magnets its usually one per house, as generally its one fridge per house.
  • So if you are having a large wedding it might be an option to have magnets as it would be one per couple.

Can I mix Keyrings and Magnets?

  • Yes,  but the only observation to make is that people have to decide at the time they are having their photo taken because their photos have to go into a specific folder for printing.
  • When I do that,  over 80% opt for keyrings.  Also,  in a social setting giving people a choice can cause confusion.
  • So I would pick one or the other

€50 Deposit