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Photobooth Offers Ireland

Keyrings & Magnets

Personalised Keyrings and Fridge Magnets are a great personal gift to give your guests at your wedding or event

All Ireland Service

I love to travel and I have worked in every county in Ireland,
from North Donegal to Bantry Bay

Special Offers on Drinks receptions and evening booths

With my Flexible and Portable Flower Walls, we can offer packages with guest photography before your meal, and automatic booths during your dancing party

Best Dye Sublimation Printers

I use DNP Dye Sublimation printers with the best quality paper at all events. I can print 6″x4″ photos, 6″x8″ photos and even 10″x8″ Photos

Double Booths for Double Fun

With the Automatic booths you can Double Up or blend that services with the Guest Smart Phone Printer with the Roving Photographer as well


Memory Albums for Weddings and Parties

The most mentioned comment to me is how invaluable the memory album is after an event or wedding. It’s a great keepsake to share with visitors in the years to come

Photography with Instant Printing

Capture the Moments of Fun

We take photos with a Photographer or an Automatic Booth,
or both. We also have a system that guests can upload their own photos, display them on a large screen and collect custom prints

Printing on-site

Its the instant printing that is the magic at any event. Your guests will really appreciate being able to take home a memory or your wedding or event at the end of the night.

Albums and Digital Images

We can create a Memory Album for you and remember you also get the digital images of the night as well.

Instant Printing Photography

A Real Photographer

The Studio Booth is where a real photographer takes photos of your guests professionaly and with care are attentions

On Site Printing Instantly

All out Photo booths operate with instant printing. That is what makes our service different

Memory Album and Digital Images for you

When guests walk home with an image ready to put into a frame, or simply put on the fridge. Its something special for them to remember you are your happy event

Services Available

A Real Photographer taking Photographs
Normally 9.30pm to 12.30am
The great advantage of a Photographer Studio Booth is that the Photogrpaher can take normal and funny photos. This is great for events where people are dressed up and would like a nice formal photos, and also a funny photo.
Props, Memory Album, Digital Images
Memory Album Guests sign messages in real-time as they collect their photos
Photos are printed instantly using Dye Sublimation Printers onsite. Guests can see their photo on a large screen and retake it if they are not happy. We can Also make a memory album with guests signatures. And you also get all the digital images of the night
Guest Smart Phone Selfie Printer
Guest Selfie Printer 3 to 8 Hour Packages Available
I sometimes find this a difficult one to describe. As you know, guests are constantly taking photos at events. And this service allows guests to upload photos, view them on a large Slideshow, and collect a print of their photos in a custom template
Live View Auto Booths
See Yourself before Photo Various Packages available
All my Automatic Photobooths have Live View, which means that you see yourself on video before the photo it taken. This is great when you want to make sure you look good, our that everyone in the group is visible.


Flowerwall Backgrounds 
Book an extra Background if you have the space More backgrounds, more fun
I have a varied selection of backgrounds.  I have three that are the real artificial flower backgrounds.  And I have more that are printed on Lyrca type material.  They all look very well.   The artificail flower backgrounds are more expensive but they doo look good in a function room.  


Double or Triple Booths 
Extra Booths for more fun More screens, more fun
As I cover the whole Island, I am not able to have different booths in diffierent hotels mainily because outside Dublin the travel times are too long.  So because I have different booths it makes sense to make them available at a large discount for a single event.  If you are having a large event, for example where there would be a peak of use,  and the nothing,  it makes sense to have more booths to deal with the rush.   Make an enquiry and tell me your specific needs.
Professional Photographer Keyrings Created onsite
This is a great service for a Party, Small Wedding or Function. You can get a nice location at your Hotel or venue and take nice family or group portraits and have them printed and inserted in Keyrings for collection later. Also, we can print a 6″x4″ photo as well for your guests. And give you all the digital images.


Fridge Magnets 
Professional Photographer Fridge Magnets Created onsite
I have a special offer at the moment for Fridge Magnets.  To be honest I have about 15 events worth of magnets available because they were shipped my mistake by my supplier and he gave me a large discount.  So I can do very nice deals.  The magnets that I have are 70mmx35mm in size and perfect for any fridge. 

Photographer Studio Booth
Professional Photographer 09:30pm – 12:30 am
This is how I started in the Photobooth Business. I started to take photos and print them instantly. Then it developed into using props and difference backgrounds. And now its a series of difference services based on the one theme, instant printing at your event.

Evening Guest Photography
Perfect for formal events 08:00pm – 12:00 am
Many events are not wedding or parties, but ll the attendees are dressed up and with friends or colleagues. This service helps document the event for you, but gives your guests valuable memories of the time and interactions at your event.

Guest Selfie Printing
Instant printing direct from your Smartphone
This is a great service as you can wrap it up in many different ways. I can arrange different backgrounds to be setup with proper lighting, so guests that take their own selfies, upload them to you, and also collect personalised prints to take home. Everyone is a winner.

Automatic Self Service Booths
Automatic Booths Live Viewing on all Automatic Booths
All my Automatic Booths have Live View. This means that your guests see themselves on the video screen before the photo is taken. This adds to the Buzz an Fun of using the Automatic Booth.

Custom Print Templates
Custom & Personalised Templates Create your Personal Photobooth Template
If you event is a wedding, part, family event or corporate event, we can personalise the template to reflect your preferences. Have a look at the samples on the sample page.

Personalised Keyrings Standard Size 45mmx35mm
Personalised Keyrings are a great gift to give to your guests. For Corporate events, they can advertise you Brand. My standard size is 45mmx35mm in size. I can do larger keyrins, but they maybe too large for some people as they are the size of a Fridge Magnet.

Fridge Magnets
Large Personalised Fridge Magnets 70mmx45mm is my standard Fridge Magnet Size.
My standard size Fridge Magnet is 70mmx45mm and is a nice large size for any Fridge. The next size up would be 6″x4″ in size. For larger events this maybe a good idea as it would be one Fridge Magnet per house, as opposed to two keyrings per household.

Sample Prices
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Studio Booth

Studio Booth

Instant Printing

Automatic Booth

Automatic Booth

Album & Prints

Keyrings * Magnets

Keyrings * Magnets

Ready on-site

We work with you to compliment your event

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Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks for a great night

Thanks for a great night

Louise & Peter

“Hi Fran, I just wanted to say thakyou for your great service on Thursday. Everyone loved the magnets. We can’s wait to add outs to the fridge when we get back to Australia. Thanks again”

Thanks for a great night

Joe and Trish

“Just want to say thanks for the photos. I was looking at the quality on the computer and they are so clear. You know what you are doing and thanks again for the album. It looked like hard work dealing with the crowd, thanks again, Joe and Trish”

Thanks for a great night


“Thanks so much for the photo book. And thanks for taking the pictures of my aunts. You were so good to them and able to get the best despite my aunts problems. I am so happy, Thanks so much and thanks again for the book, it’s such a memory to have”

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