Open Automatic Booth with Printing

An Open Auto Booth allows more guests to be in each Photo.
Great for events where there are more friends and colleagues rather than couples.
Great for Debs / Birthday Parties / Corporate Parties

Open-Auto-Booth 1

Open Air Booth

+ Open Photobooths have more space for guests
+ More Background Choices
+ Great for Debs, Parties and Corporate Events
+ Can be bundled with keyring packages

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Open-Auto-Booth 2

Open Booth Backdrop

Open Booth with Background.  Great for larger event with larger groups,  for example, Debs, Company Parties, Family Parties.  You will need a little more space to run an open booth compared to an enclosed booth.

Open-Auto-Booth 3

Good Quality Props

All our Props are supplied as part of the package.   We have a variety of props from signs to hats.   They are laid out on a table beside the booth.   If you have a specific sign you want let me know.

Open-Auto-Booth 1

Good Quality Photos

We use a DSLR Camera to get the best results for your photobooth photos

We print Photos instantly for your guests

We also provide a Managed Guest Album with Photos and Messages

Open-Auto-Booth 5
Open-Auto-Booth 6
Open-Auto-Booth 7

Automatic Booth with instant printing

Open-Auto-Booth 8

Custom Templates

Open-Auto-Booth 9

4 Photos per page is the best

Open-Auto-Booth 10

Different Backgrounds Available

Open-Auto-Booth 11

You can use the venue as a background if the lighting is good

Open-Auto-Booth 12

Plenty of Props

Open-Auto-Booth 13

Prop Table and props supplied for free

Open-Auto-Booth 14

Green Screen Options available

Open-Auto-Booth 15

Gold Sequin Background

Open-Auto-Booth 16

Crushed Gold Background

Open-Auto-Booth 17

Pink Sequin Background

Open-Auto-Booth 18

Black and White Booth for special events, eg, historical events

Open-Auto-Booth 19

Green Screen Setup in large hotel function room

Printing Station

This is where the photos are transferred by Wi-Fi from the camera,  printed and placed in the Memory Album.

You can also see the large 55" viewing display.

Custom Overlay

This is an example of a custom overlay that is printed on every photography.

It can have a custom greeting and message,  and the date.


Here are some examples of the different backgrounds 

Most popular is the lightbox-white backgroundand the flowerwall