Roam around your venue with your guests

Display on large Screens & Print all photos onsite for your guests

How is Works

I can roam around your venue and take photos of your guests
The photos are transferred to the computer and printer
Guests can collect their photos at the print station
Guests can also download their photos digitally from an internal wi-fi within the function room

IMG 9940 5 | Roving Photographer | Frans Photo Booth Services Ireland

Roving and Printing

Depending on your venue and the sequence of events through the night, we can take pictures of groups and individuals or a large group photo at an appropiate moment

Our main value-add is that we print the photos there and then for your guests.

We can print 6″x4″ Photos and 6″x8″ Photos and 10″x8″ as well

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Outdoor Events

Working at large events you can make use of Buildings as a good visual backdrop to any photo

This works well with venues with large gardens or waterside locations

During Summer events, there is the magic Sunset Window in the evening for dramatic photo opportuinities

IMG 5367 | Roving Photographer | Frans Photo Booth Services Ireland

Weddings Party

In this case, the stage lighting is used as a backdrop to give the photo a night club feel

It is all about lighting and not the camera when it comes to capturing stunning photos

This photo is one of 800 taken at a large wedding in a Marquee with 600 guests

IMG 5566 | Roving Photographer | Frans Photo Booth Services Ireland

Families at Parties

The extended family groups among guests can often be missed by the ain wedding photogrpahers.

The Roving photographer can catch these groups as they progress through the night

CavanIMG 2426 | Roving Photographer | Frans Photo Booth Services Ireland

Outdoor Cultural Events

Many Local Authority events are on the street. In this case we have a pop-up Gaeltacht and we were covering the participants in smaller group photos

The Large Instant Viewing Screens add to the spectacle and interaction with attendees and guests

And we can overlay your logo and event messages on the printed photos

Corporate and event photography at festivals and functions

Black & White Events

In this case, we had a large backdrop from the National Museum set up to take photos of attendees

We also had a collection of period clothes for the attendees to wear

Black & White can be a nice option and in this day and age quite unique

This type of event would require good planning and a larger team on the day

Working with your guests to get great photos

This is know as the BOY-BAND look to use the jargon