How much does it cost to hire a photo booth for your wedding?

Like any service prices for photo booths can vary from supplier to supplier.  And not making it easy, different suppliers offer different options, packages and prices.   And include or exclude many different items.  From experience in the wedding industry the cost will be different for many reasons

The cost to hire a photo booth is between €100 to €200 per hour , and generally most companies have a 2 or 3-hour minimum hire. Extra prints, backdrops, and custom artwork matching your wedding theme are popular add-ons.  And weekdays will have a discount compared to weekends.

Photo booths are a standard for many parties, weddings and corporate events.

You can remember passport photos in shopping centres. Photo booths have become more popular for events.

Photo booths are common at a wedding and couples are booking them early in the planning process.

And it is more than weddings that are booking photobooths.  Photo booths add fun to pretty much any type of social or private event.

Photo memories are a great gift to give to your guest.

You can hire a photo booth company to attend your event.  They will set up and operate a photo booth.  They will  provide guests with customised keepsakes in the form of personal prints. There maybe a limit on prints for the duration of the rental.  For example,  2 prints per session, 4 prints per session.  There maybe themed props & signs for guests to use in the photos.

The  average cost to hire a photo booth for a wedding ranges between €400 to  €600 or more.  Corporate events rates are higher because of the extra customisation and branding.

Hire time is a major factor in the total fee; longer rentals will command a higher price. Day of week and time of year can also affect costs with some companies.

Friday or Saturday night booth will be the standard price. Generally these nights are not discounted.  It’s considered prime time in the events industry.  If you don’t book at full price, someone else will. Weekdays are the quiet time’ for weddings and private parties. Great discounts are available during these periods. But a lot of corporate events will be booked in for weekdays which always demand a higher fee.

The type of photo booth you rent will also have an impact on cost.

Selfie Mirrors cost more to rent due to their size.  And the initial cost to buy is much higher than a standard photo booth.

Photo booths have different functionality.  Many have  customisable green screens, GIF and Boomerang creation.  And if they use a professional cameras it will also cost more.

With large corporate events,  booth companies offer an unlimited amount of choices. They will brand equipment, customise prints and more.  Ask for more information.

Not only for weddings! Photo Booth are also requested for:

Some other events include:

private and social parties



work parties

corporate events

launch events

high-school reunions



school events

sweet 16s

and other special occasions

Photo booths are a very well received party addition for any size event or crowd.

There are many kinds of photo booths available:

enclosed photo booth

an open photo booth with a backdrop

Selfie Mirror or Magic mirror as its also known

GIF Stations

Boomerang booths

Roaming photos

Hashtag printers and more coming on the market all the time.

Rental costs can vary, depending on the type of booth as well as a variety of add-ons.

What photo booth items are available for rent?

A photo booth cost will include the actual photo booth and an attendant, plus setup and breakdown. There are other related items and accessories that your photo booth rental cost. They are sometimes included or  added on as an extra fee. Your photo booth company may also offer the following extras:

Custom backdrops:

Some photo booth companies will work with your florist or wedding planner to create a unique backdrop for your booth (there are also DIY options , if you’d prefer!).

Your photo booth company might also have green screens available, so your guests can choose their own backdrops.

CD or DVD of all images:

Your guests will receive a copy of their photos (either via a printout or a digital file).   You will  want to see all the images from your booth. Having copies is a fun way to relive the night and see all your guests’ antics!

Flip books:

If you’re having a flip book photo booth, you’ll need to pay a fee for the printed books, which also double as favors.


Most photo booths provide your guests with printouts of their images.  The will be a single image or a montage of 3 or 4 images.


This includes masks, signage, and more.

Some photo booth companies provide silly props to add a fun to your guests’  booth experience.

Social media integration:

This allows you and your guests to easily post your photo booth images on social media.  For example, platforms like Instagram, twitter or Facebook!

Photo Booth Packages:

Here are some examples,  but they will vary from County or County and how far you are from their base.

3 hour hire Selfie Mirror: From 525

3 hour hire Open Booth: From 475

3 hour hire GIF Station: From 425

4 hour hire Selfie Mirror: From 595

4 hour hire Open Booth: From 545

4 hour hire -GIF Station: From 495

Some packages contain more or less prints per photo session. Some contain an added photo album. Some contain more customisation than other packages. It is important to decide whats best for your event.

Photo booth packages:

Most companies book photo booths for packages with a minimum number of hours.  They need to cover their costs for an employee to manage a photo booth from start to finish.   For example, transport, setup, stay onsite and transport it back to the headquarters.

They may charge between €100 and $200 per hour, with packages starting at two or three hours. Costs increase the more hours and special features you add.

Other companies provide all-inclusive packages for a flat rate for everything.   Some do not charge for travel.

Here are some examples from a different photo-booth company.

This company offers all in pricing at each price range with lower rates offered for quiet days.

Also, the more hours your hire them for, the lower the cost per hour the rental is:

3-hour package Sunday-Friday: €499

3-hour package Saturday: €549

4-hour package Sunday-Friday: €549

4-hour package Saturday: €599

5-hour package Sunday-Friday: €599

5-hour package Saturday: €649

Some companies will charge extra, for example.

Extra time for setup and take down (beyond your agreed-upon event hours);

A booth operator onsite the entire time

Photo strips customized with details like the name or date of the event or the name of the wedding couple

Other extra to ask for are:

A box full of props

Unlimited photos

Two prints per group so the guests can take home a memento and the other photo strip can be placed in a memory book.

A live-action slideshow of photos during the event

An online gallery so guests can download the photos later

A memory book or album for guests to write in

And a DVD with all the event photos.

About Photo Booths

Wedding photo booths are a great way to capture memories of your guests in a comical way.  They also are a personal favour that they can take home at the end of the night.

Spend some time to research the  wedding photo booth hire companies in your area.   And compare the different styles of Booth and Printed photos.  They should have a lot of information on their websites and examples as well.

A VW campervan converted into a photo booth could be ideal for your wedding by the seaside.  Or a photo booth filled with fun props for your guests to play with could be ideal for a wedding party in a hotel.


Confirm with your venue that it’s OK to hire a photo booth company before putting down any deposits.

A Photo Booth Service for your event, you are likely to spend between €400 and €650 total.

Photo Booths are the perfect addition for:


corporate functions


formal events

marketing events

product launches.

PhotoBooths are nostalgic, fun and entertaining.  

They are often one of the most memorable aspects of any event.

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