Trade Show Setups for Photography and Keyring Creation

Production of  Keyrings with Photographer?


There are two ways to produce photos for keyrings

  1.  Photographer taking photos and send them to the base computer using Wi Fi
  2. Open of Closed Photo Booth Taking photos automatically

The production of the keyrings can take place at a later time or in real-time.

Real-Time Poduction with photographer

At a high volume event there maybe a need for two people.

One to take the photos and the other to print and assessment the keyrings.

If the event has a steady flow and the photographer is in the same location all the time,  for example,   a trade stand,  then the photographer can do both.

You need to have some sense of the flows to determine when you deploy an assistant.


Post Photography Poduction with photographer

This would be the common method at weddings of dining fucntions.

Photographs are taken during the period prior to a meal and then assembled during the meal for collection after.

This would not be suitable for a Trade Show,  unless you want to encourage visitors to return to your stand.

This system and be managed by one person.

Equipment and Space Required

A computer, Printer and Work Table would be required.

A Table 1m x 1.5m would be adequate.

Photos can be taken on the stand against a pop up display or in the body of the aisle.

At a trade show it would make sense to use the Trade Stand as the background to illustrate so aspect of the business.

Above is an example of an open booth.  In this case there is a Greenscreen Background.  It does require space.   The booth itself in on a Table.    I do not use this type anymore but the principle is the same with the newer version

This is the enclosed booth in action in a pub.    It would need a bit of space.   And you would need space for the assembly of the keyrings.   Note:   I use the front part of the booth without the enclosure as my new open booth.

Production of Keyrings from Photobooth?


In this case we can use and automatic photobooth to take the photos,  therefore replacing the need for a photogrpaher.     One attendant is required to manage the booth and assemble the keyrings.


Real-Time Poduction with photobooth

At a high volume event there maybe a need for two people but the second person would be needed if the workflow was over 120 keyrings per hour sustained over a 3 hour period.  The costs of bringing an assistant for a peak over a one hour period would add disporinate cost.


Type of Photobooths Available for Keyring Production.

There are in general two types of Photobooth,  Open and Enclosed.

The Open Booth can have a backdrop or just use a wall or the venue as the background.

The Enclosed Booth will have a background within the enclosure and can be any colour required,  if available.


Equipment and Space Required

A Work Table would be required for assembly of the keyrings.

A Table 1m x 1m would be adequate.

Space for the photobooth.  The enclosed booth would require 3m x 1m

The Open Both would require 1m x 1m

At a trade show it would make sense to use the Trade Stand as the background to illustrate so aspect of the business.

Photobooths Available



This is a picture of an enclosed booth.    It would need 3m x 1m to comfortably sit into a stand.

The Table at the back would be the assemby table as when standing the table needs to be a Work Station height.








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